EVE: War of Ascension

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Build a space station and explore the galaxy!


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Build your own space station, module by module, in the multiplayer strategy game EVE: War of Ascension. Each module on your space station allows you to complete a different task: investigate new technology, build a fleet of spaceships, and more!

EVE: War of Ascension has very simple gameplay. Invest your resources and upgrade your modules from your space station to get more advanced technology and build better spaceships, that you can use, of course, to explore the entire galaxy!

Exploring the galaxy is even more interesting than expected, because as you explore you can encounter other player's space stations, as well as conquer space outposts and take control of huge expanses of space.

Explore and conquer the galaxy in the multiplayer strategy game EVE: War of Ascension. But you might want to make some allies on the way, because just like EVE Online, conquering the galaxy is much easier with the help of some friends.
EVE: War of Ascension, a spin-off of the well-known MMO for Android

With fifteen years of experience behind it, the MMORGP EVE Online is king in a lot of aspects, offering a gigantic online spatial simulator of an unimaginable scale where tons of factions are in a constant battle for control of the galaxy. Now we're not going to find a whole lot of that here, but EVE: War of Ascension is based on the universe from CCP Games to offer a strategy and resource management game for Android with a somewhat more simplified premise: grow and expand your space station while dealing with other players who are also eager to expand their territories.
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Android 4.1 or higher required.